What About John? What About You? John 21:15-25

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might. Ecc.9:10 … Bum Phillips

Rediscovering Jesus/Recommissioning of Peter /Failures and successes/ Follow Christ & Don’t Get Sidetracked/ Follow at all Cost/ After the recommissioning – John ..(identifies) What about John…History/ What’s it to you Peter?- v.23.Mind your you own business. When we mind our own business our mind busy- Ben Franklin. When we mind our own full-time job. John’s job is to write and be a testimony. You are going to be an evangelist. Don’t focus on John focus on Jesus

Follow Me…Keep Following Me (Presence T) …Same-Mt 4 19/

God calls us all- God Gifts us… God Equips us. I am a believer and I have a special place in the body of our Lord.

Peter became a Fisher of Men- Evangelist…stats on Peter’s results our outstanding

Paul became a Tentmaker and would build up the church with his exhortations

John- A mender of Nets– a gospel and letters that give us Restoration/Assurance Future.

Celebrate who you are  and move on. When we worry about others and their calling or we are comparing ourselves we always will take a detour from Christ command to Come Follow Me! The Key is to keep following Christ.

What about Peter? How did he do? Jesus tells us that he will die as a Martyr. He wrote two letters and the Gospel of Mark is really His Gospel… Mark was with him when he was captive in Rome. Eusebius, 1st Century Church Historian in his Ecclesiastical History tells us that Peter would preach 37 years and was 71 years old when he would be crucified upside down – because… One more thing about Peter’s death. He was crucified in Rome by Nero. Eusebius also tells us that before Peter was crucified,  his wife was crucified and they made him watch his wife die of crucifixion. His death was not a tragedy because but a glory to God. He would lay his life down.

Peter’ Commission was to feed my lambs , tend to the sheep, feed the sheep and keep following Me and that he did.

What about John? He would not die… Jesus gives us hint. John would see Jesus in person again. He would write. Vs. 24 & 25. John was the only apostle that was not a Martyr.

Serving Christ -Feed My Sheep 15-17/ Serving Christ Sacrificially—18-19;  Serving Christ- 20:20-25. Single-mindedly.

Peter made his mistakes but he learned from his mistakes. Are you following or getting sidetracked?

“The NT Testament Church is the body of Christ but for this las 0ne-hundred years the hands & feet have been amputated and the church has just been a mouth and mostly it has been known for what it is against.” -Rick Warren

We are the hands and feet of Christ – we are the presence of Christ. Called; Gifted and Equipped…Don’t get sidetracked.”

Mother Teresa said, “God dose not call us to be successful but He called us to be faithful because when we are faithful we are successful. Whatever He has called you to do then do it with all your might. Peter heard the Call and answered- Do not call list/ Do not disturb list/