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Program from October 10th, 2021

You Were Made For This Moment! “You Were Made For This Moment!” is the title of Max Lucado’s newest book. In this book he shares great lessons from the Story of Esther and Mordecai. Mordecai’s message was “Relief will come.” Lucado reminds us that in a season of...

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Program from Sept 26th, 2021

High Tech Questions and Thoughts! What are the implications of biotechnology in our life? Can I replace my body? Can I live to be 125? Will robots make house calls? Can I grow a new brain? What new things are going to kill me? New microbes? Will we run out of gas?...

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Program from Sept 12, 2021

Eagerness! What are you eager about? Years ago on a Saturday morning as a man was getting dressed, his dog grabbed his pants and dashed off to his bedroom and down the stairs. He ran down the stairs after her, and at the bottom of the stairs, he slipped on the entry...

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Program from Sept 19, 2021

The legendary Pearl Bailey was appearing on Broadway. Each night at the conclusion, she took questions from the audience. One person asked, "Why do you do this? Why don't you just sing and go home?" She said, "People work hard all week long. When they come here, I...

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Program from Sept 5, 2021

God Calls us to LIVE DANGEROUSLY! Live dangerously! That was one of many themes in Brennan Manning’s superb book The Signature of Jesus. Manning presents a radical alternative to the normal everyday, ho-hum, “comfort zone” mentality lived out by so many “so-called...

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Program from Aug 29, 2021

We must Care! Since Football Season is starting, I want to write about a Football Story. In Lou Holtz’s 2nd season as Head Coach of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football Team the Irish experienced a humiliating loss to guess who? The Fighting Texas Aggies. Holtz was...

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