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March 5th, 2023

Finishing Well!  Let’s Not Forget! The other day I was thinking about the “motto” that we used when we started back in 2018. The motto or theme was, “Finish well.”  & “Come Back to Our Roots!” We, wanted to finish well before the Lord takes us to Heaven. I love...

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Feb 26th, 2023

Is Revival Possible? My thoughts today are on Revival!  People say why don’t we have revivals anymore. Revivals are not campaigns they are personal revivals. Revival is God pointing His finger at you. Revival must start with me. On my walk this morning I gathered some...

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Feb 19th, 2023

The Gideon Bible Society’s History is written in the Book, “Witness to History.” One of the stories in the book is about a man whose life was saved physically and spiritually.  Here is the Story: “A man went into a hotel in San Francisco, secured a room with the...

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Feb 12th, 2023

A Lesson from Super Bowl 23!I want to share with you an interesting story about Jerry Rice, who was the MVP of Super Bowl #23. Jerry was the longtime star for the San Francisco 49ers and considered one of the greatest receivers in the history of football. He played...

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Feb 5th, 2023

Our Church is a Place of Grace! We are here because the Church is not a Museum for Saint’s but a Hospital for Sinners! (I don’t know where I got this but it sure is proof that the local Church is a hospital for all of us Sinners. I will share parts of it for the next...

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Jan 29th, 2023

“Setbacks are Setups for a Comebacks!” Do you believe the above statement?  I do.  I have heard that saying a good many.  I don’t know who came up with that great encouraging statement, but I believe it was inspired by God. The person who came up with that powerful...

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Dec 18th, 2022

Pastor Charles Comments on “God Bless Everyone!” Each year during the Christmas Season a School in Pennsylvania would present the play, “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens.  Toward the end of the performance, Tiny Tim would say, “God bless us everyone!” and for...

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Dec 11th, 2022

To the Moon & Back – God Loves You! The Moon was so beautiful this past Wednesday Evening.  As I returned home from my mother-in-law’s Apartment, I saw an awesome view of the Moon.  I pulled over in a parking lot an took a picture of it.  It was just a marvelous...

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Jan 23rd, 2023

Sometimes we miss but God is still counting on us!  The Good News is that God still believes in you! Last Sunday Evening, Nancy and I watched the Wild Card Game with Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Dak’s Dallas Cowboys.  Dak and the team were outstanding, yet...

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Jan 15th, 2023

A Lady That Modeled Spiritual Warfare! Years ago in Chattanooga, Tennessee there were four women in a ladies’ dress shop (3 clerks & 1 customer) The customer was in a dressing room putting on her clothes. Suddenly, the shop door burst open and in came a big...

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Jan 8th, 2023

The Book of Revelation on a Napkin! Vernon McGee said this about the study of the Book of Revelation: “This book is like a great union station where the great trunk lines of prophecy come in from other portions of Scripture. Revelation does not originate but...

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Jan 1st, 2023

God’s Imprint on Your Life “Jerusalem said, ‘The Lord has left me.  The Lord has forgotten me.’ God answers, “Can a woman forget the baby she nurses?  Can she feel no kindness for the child she gave birth to?  Even if she could forget her children, I will not forget...

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Dec 4th, 2022

Jesus Christ tells us: “Do Not Worry” During World War I, German submarines were a major problem for American soldiers.  So, Will Rogers told a press conference how to fix the problem: “Boil the ocean.  When the subs pop to the surface, pick them off like ducks in a...

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Nov 27th, 2022

A Prophet Who Resisted Evangelism by PJ Jones from FBC Dallas.  (I think this is a great article an outstanding Challenge for Personal Evangelize- I hope it will inspire you to reach out to the unchurched and lost during this Christmas Season – Go & Grow: Pastor...

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Nov 20th, 2022

Gratitude Will Strengthen & Encourage You! Grateful people are a delight to be around. Grateful people see the positive in every situation. Grateful people will enlarge their faith. Grateful people will help their soul. Ingratitude Will Weaken & Discourage...

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