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Feb 11th, 2024

Stir Up the Flame! Many years ago, our “hand-me-down” 1982 Honda Lawnmower broke down on the Jericho Road.  It had gone the “Last Mile of the Way!” After the funeral of the lawnmower, Nancy & I went and bought an inexpensive Wal Mart Special for 129.00. It worked...

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Feb 4th, 2024

How are you doing on forgiving? “Life is an adventure in forgiveness.”- Norman Cousins Tad Lincoln was the young son of President Abraham Lincoln.  The night his dad was assassinated and murdered he slept under his dad’s desk.  It was said that he cried and said the...

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Jan 28th, 2024

Life will change you when you decide to use your faith. We serve the Lord of opportunity.  He has set before us a “Door of Opportunity.” We must recognize it.  We need to use our “eyes of faith.” We just need to walk to it and through it.  Look at Joseph in the...

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Jan 21st, 2024

Do we believe in the same Jesus that Jairus did? Jairus’s daughter is dying.  He felt that Jesus could heal his daughter who was at the point of death.  Jairus makes his way through the fishing villages of Capernaum.  He finds himself pushing through great crowds that...

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Jan 14th, 2024

Let Us Do More in 2024! Last week, we talked about how we can do more by discovering and using our Spiritual Gifts.  We talked about the Spiritual Gifts that we have received and the importance of knowing those gifts.  We can do so much more when we know what God has...

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Jan 7th, 2024

As a Believer in Christ, you have a Ministry? You might be asking, “Who, me?” Yes you.  Today we talk about your Spiritual Gifts.  You will hear about Mizell Rogers that I met in Dimmit, Texas 49 years ago.  God used this dear lady to keep the doors open in her little...

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Dec 3rd, 2023

Christmas Advent! Christmas Advent begins today.  I want to get the most out of Christmas.  I want to deepen my faith during this season.  I want to make Christmas Meaningful.  One way we can do that is to watch some of the programing on TBN Network.  Here are a list...

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Nov 26th, 2023

One of My Favorites Thanksgiving gives us the Right Perspective! One young lady wrote home from college: "Dear Mom: Sorry I have not written sooner.  My arm really has been broken.  I broke it, and my left leg, when I jumped from the second floor of my...

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Nov 12th, 2023

Evangelism must be caught before it is taught.” Dr. Roy Fish Years ago, I was a student in Dr. Roy Fish’s Evangelism Class.  He told us that “Evangelism must be caught before it is taught.” You must do evangelism.  Evangelism is not done in a classroom.  One of the...

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Nov 5th, 2023

Too Busy Not to Pray! I still remember when Nancy & I would pray with our daughter Andrea when she was a child.  She would ask God to give us good weather and few other things.  She would pray for us as parents.  She prayed for her grandparents.  She would pray...

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Oct 28th, 2023

Jesus Prayed Alone! Have you ever noticed that Jesus prayed alone?  Well, He did. Jesus, most of the time prayed alone.  It has taken me a long time in life to figure this out.  When you read Luke 11:1-13; you see his disciples are asking him essentially why their...

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Oct 15th, 2023

When the Foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?  (Psa. 11:3) The question of the day?  The question of the hour?  As we read Psalm 11, we see the following results when the spiritual and moral foundations are destroyed: Wickedness and evil will...

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Oct 8th, 2023

7 Encouraging Trends of Global Christianity in 2022. Sometimes we can look at the Spiritual growth in America and get discouraged. Aaron Earls of LifeWay Research gives us some encouraging news concerning Global Evangelism. Religious faith is growing faster than the...

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Oct 1st, 2023

Don’t Hang Up on God? Someone asked Mother Teresa, “You pray hours a day.  What do you talk about all that time?” She said, “Mostly, I just listen.” That was puzzling to the questioner.  “You listen to God?  What does He say?” She answered, “Mostly He just listens...

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Sept 24th, 2023

What does Country Fellowship Need? I think we could come up with several things. Sometimes we think about physical or material things.  Yet I am not talking about the physical but spiritual.  The following three are spiritual necessities for the Country Fellowship...

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