High Tech Questions and Thoughts!

What are the implications of biotechnology in our life? Can I replace my body? Can I live to be 125? Will robots make house calls? Can I grow a new brain? What new things are going to kill me? New microbes? Will we run out of gas? What energy alternatives do we have? Global warming? How hot will it get? Will there be any wilderness left? Global economy? How will it affect my livelihood?

High Faith Thoughts!

The religious crowd characterized the ministry of Christ as “revolutionary.” Today, we would use the term “going out on the limb.”  Jesus literally went out on the limb when He met a man named Zacchaeus. (A tax-collector that the religious crowd would avoid.) Jesus went out on the limb when He visited a Samaritan woman at the well. (This was also a “No! No!” by the religious folk.) Jesus went out even further on the limb when He started a “lake ministry” and delivered the Demoniac of Gadara. (Legion was the man’s name. He was untouchable by the religious community.) Jesus also went out on the limb, by becoming a friend of Mary Magdalene, a woman with a bad reputation.

High Faith Ministry! “Going Out on The Limb Ministries”

If we are going to reach the diverse people of our community, we are going to have to be “limb climbers!” Going out on the limb, will get us out of our “comfort zones.” We cannot reach and disciple people if we stay in our comfort zones. Some of the greatest challenges and opportunities await us when we are out on the limb. Are you part of “Going out on the Limb Ministries?” In the next few weeks, we will be sharing several “Going Out on The Limb Ministries.”  Here a few: “How Can I Pray for You,” “Loads of Care,” & “The Eternal Life Census.”


Monday, September 27th at 4:00 p.m. We will look at a church for sale at 408 East 24th St., Bryan. We will look at the building and have an information meeting after.


Trusting the Lord as He shepherds us through all the chaos and crises that we go through.

The Lord Is My Shepherd,

Pastor Charles