The legendary Pearl Bailey was appearing on Broadway. Each night at the conclusion, she took questions from the audience. One person asked, “Why do you do this? Why don’t you just sing and go home?” She said, “People work hard all week long. When they come here, I feel if I can just make them laugh and forget how heavy and hard their work week has been, I’m like Jesus when He said, ‘Come unto me all you who are weary and heavy laden, & I will give you rest.” (Matt 11:28)

Christ has given Mathew 11:28 as an invitation to us. I have quoted and relied on that invitation through out my life. Yet, more important than that, Jesus wants all of us to share that invitation to those we know and come into contact with. There is a whole lot of Chaos going on. In the midst of the Chaos, we have a Savior that still says, “Come to ME…! This morning, I begin a new sermon series. This new sermon series theme is, “ A Sheperd in the Midst of Chaos.” The Lord wants to Shepherd us each day of our lives. We are the sheep of His Pasture…We need direction, comfort and guidance. He still wants to “ lead us by the still waters…”

I am glad that you are here today as we celebrate together, “National Come Back to Church Sunday.” The theme is: “Hope is Here.” All over the world people are looking for Hope. What a tremendous task that the Church has been given. The task of telling people all over the world that Hope is found in Christ. “Christ in me the Hope of Glory.”

The lyrics from this great hymn express what our world needs: In times like these you need a Savior; In times like these you need an anchor; Be very sure, be very sure Your anchor holds and grips the Solid Rock; This Rock is Jesus, Yes He’s the One; This Rock is Jesus, the only One; Be very sure, be very sure Your anchor holds and grips the Solid Rock   Be sure to remember those on the prayer list.  That is our greatest work. The work of prayer.

With a song in your heart and a Bible in your hand (or Bible on your iPhone) we will praise the Lord and continue to look to HIM for Hope.

Love You Church Family! Pastor Charles/ 972-983-7968/

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