Eagerness! What are you eager about?

Years ago on a Saturday morning as a man was getting dressed, his dog grabbed his pants and dashed off to his bedroom and down the stairs. He ran down the stairs after her, and at the bottom of the stairs, he slipped on the entry rug and skidded out of control toward the front door. He crashed through the wooden screen door and wound up face-down, sprawled on the front porch, surrounded by splinters of wood and ices of iron screen, clad in his undershorts. Unhurt, the man looked up and saw the mailman starring at him. After a long pause, he shook his head and said, “Man! I don’t know what kind of letter you’re expecting, but it must be important.”

A good question to ask oneself is, “What am I eager for?” “ Am I eager to share the gospel?” Am I eager to pray?” “Am I eager to serve or help someone?” That is all important.

I am sorry that the Psalms’ Journey could not be here today. Two of them had to self quarantine themselves because of Covid in their families. We will be praying for them. Invite someone to National “Back to Church Sunday” this next Sunday.

Jean is teaching on Sunday the Gospel of Luke. I am teaching on Fridays (10:00 a.m. Onsite or Online) a Study of Philippians. I have titled this lesson series, “ The Purpose and Power of Finishing Well!” “How to Finish Well even when the World is Out of Control.”

Continue to pray for the Millican Church and also the Baptist Student Ministry @ Texas A&M & Blinn College. Pray for the Believers in Afghanistan. Pray for School Administrators and Teachers as they go through this season of pandemic that is on them. Pray for National; State and local leaders. Pray for our Missionaries; Military and also the Police that protect us. Get a copy of the prayer list and continue to lift others up in your prayers. Ask people how you can pray for them.

Eagerly Praying for you! The Country Fellowship Family is a great Family to be a part of.

Blessings! Pastor Charles/ 972-983-7968/pastorcountryfellowship@gmail.com