A couple of years ago, Bob Harrington, the Chaplain of Bourbon Street died. His life and ministry were filled with ups and downs. After falling back into a worldly life and going through a divorce, he came back to God and surrounded himself with an Accountability Group. With their support, Bob was able to resume his evangelistic ministry. Nancy and I heard him preach when we were in College. I remember he would say, “God loves you just as you are. He knows you are a sinner and wants to save you. Don’t figure it out. Faith it out!” A person told me an interesting story about Bob preaching a Revival at the Castle Hills Baptist Church in San Antonio. During the revival, the owners of a burlesque club attended a revival service and became Christians. This couple, Guy and Evelyn Lin immediately closed the club and posted a sign, “Closed forever, See you in Church.“ Bob’s Tombstone read, “Born the 1st time- September 2, 1927 in Cox Heath, Alabama. Born Again- April 15, 1958. Died- He didn’t. Transferred to Heaven.” His Favorite Saying was, “It is Fun being Saved!” He is so right!

This morning and evening we will talk about being a Servant for Jesus.  Let’s talk about “Serving with a Purpose.” You will receive  a Spiritual Gifts Inventory to take home and start discovering your Spiritual Gifts. We will looking  at the Foundational/Motivational Gifts in Romans 12: 6-8. All of this will keep us in SHAPE. I like what Rick Warren says about Spiritual Gifts and Abilities:

Spiritual-Heart-Ability- Personality-Experience

It is fun being  saved and it is fun being your Pastor!
Pastor Charles


3206 Longmire- Make a Decision Today!
As you know we just have the Brazos Center thru March. Sometime in February we will not be able to have Wed. Bible classes and meetings at the Suite 6.

We will be doing a power point in the Morning and Evening Services today so you can get the picture of the Layout. Several groups from the church have been going made a tour of this building. The cost is 3150.00 a month for a 3 Year Lease. The refundable deposit is 6, 300.00. This building has right at 4,000.00 sq. ft. and meets our present needs,  plus gives us room for future growth.  If  the church approves the rental of this building then we would have out 1st Service there on Sunday, March 1. This morning and evening we will vote by secret ballot. Take a card and write on it  “Yes” or “No”. Also if you are a member then mark it with a “M.” If you are a Partner then mark it with a “P.” The past several months we have done an exhaustive search and appreciate those who have led us in this search. Can we afford this building? That is a great question. In the 2020 Budget we have allocated 46,000.00 for the rental and cost of a building. The estimate of cost for this rental of the building and utilities would be 43,800.00 a year. What about Chairs and Tables and furnishing a Kitchen? Another great question. We have applied for a grant to purchase new chairs and tables. We should hear where we stand on this in the next week. If we don’t get the grant then we do have the funds to purchase 10 tables and 100 Chairs.

Vote to Approve the December 2019 Financial Report Approval Tonight

December 2019 Financial Picture:
Checking & Savings Balance for 12/31/2019: 56,699.08
Restricted Funds: 20,901.00: (Building 18,901.00; Benevolence: 2,000.00)

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  • How do you join the Country Fellowship Church?
    On the Welcome Table, you will find a Green Sheet. Take the Green Sheet and fill it out and drop it into the Bucket or bring it to the Pastor. After the Green Sheet is filled out, Pastor Charles will give you a call and visit with you.
  • How do you give to the Ministry of Country Fellowship?
    On the welcome table you will find offering envelopes. Put your check  or cash into the envelope and drop it into the bucket. Each January you will receive a Contribution Statement that you can use with your tax return.
  • Sandra Rios- Loads Of Love Ministry- Give One Hour of Hope! This Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. 509 W. 28th in Bryan or 500 N Texas Avenue



Bible Study Times: Sunday: 9:00 a.m.;
Tuesday: Market Place Bible Study/Red Sea Rules/ 10:00 a.m. @ Blue Baker on University;
Wed. 5:30 p.m. Meal; 6:00 p.m. Bible Study @ Suites on 6.

2019 Contribution Statements cane be picked up today.