The Church is Not a Building

Whenever a non-believer has in his or her mind a definition of “church,” that definition is usually a building. The same is true for many Christians. Yet, too closely identifying a local  body of Christ with a building diverts the focus from the identity of the church as a community of called-out ones, as well as the tasks and functions of the church. A building can easily demand more attention, more money, more emotion, and more division than that which is truly important. -Clyde Meador

The above is so true. We do not have our own building but we are still a “Church.” Is that Biblical? Yes it is. Read the Book of Acts and see how churches flourished. Their growth was not by addition but multiplication.  Close to 100% of us have been members involved in churches that owned a building. In fact many times when we think of the church, we think of a church building. We developed the core group of Country Fellowship Church @ the Hilton Hotel and the Brethren Church. When we launched we made a year commitment to the Brazos Senior Citizen Center and then it was on to the Premier Hotel for 5 months. The folks at the Brazos Center were so kind to house us temporarily until we found another location. Now we go to a new place to have worship and discipleship. We were spending 2300.00 a month, we will now spend close to 1200.00 a month. God is giving us a new area to minister to. People travel and they stop at the Hotel. We can pray for them and hope that they will visit us. There are neighborhoods behind this Hotel that we can do our “Prayer & Go” -Outreach.

This space will not have all the bells and whistles that you have been used to in a church setting. Most of us have been part of church buildings that had all those conveniences.  Today, most churches are spending 80% of their budgets on Salary and Buildings. Most of us are older and we can get pretty well set in our ways. Here at Country Fellowship Church, we have to be more flexible than we have been in the past. (I learned that through the years of living in parsonages; going on Mission Trips to Brazil; and Mexico and starting several churches) We just have to practice the rule of “make the best out of our situation.”  As we worship and serve in this new location, let’s do everything with a positive attitude.  I have been praising the Lord for His finding this place for us. I just believe with all my heart that finding this building was a “God Thing.” God has set us down in this new place to help reach this neighborhood and also Bryan & College Station. Please hand out the Promo Cards and get the word out about our new place of worship.

Today, I am at the Open Range Cowboy Church in Whitney. I will be preaching two times today  in their  Revival Crusade.  Please pray for us. In our church today, we are having, Laymen’s Sunday. Bill  Thames is preaching this morning. Bill is active in the Gideons Ministry and is a faithful member of the First Baptist Church of Bryan. This evening, our own George Eustace will be bringing the message. George leads our worship on Sunday Evenings. George recently retired from the Faculty of the Texas A.& M. University. Get the word out about the new location. Promo cards are available today.

Pastor Charles



Bible Study Opportunities this week: Sunday @ 9:00 a.m.; Market Place Bible Study, Tuesday @ 10:00 a.m. @ Blue Baker on University; Fran Hooks is having Surgery in Austin tomorrow and will be in the hospital for several days so we will not have Bible Study this Wed, Evening.

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  • How do you join the Country Fellowship Church?
    On the Welcome Table, you will find a Green Sheet. Take the Green Sheet and fill it out and drop it into the Bucket or bring it to the Pastor. After the Green Sheet is filled out, Pastor Charles will give you a call and visit with you.
  • How do you give to the Ministry of Country Fellowship?
    On the welcome table you will find offering envelopes. Put your check  or cash into the envelope and drop it into the bucket. Each January you will receive a Contribution Statement that you can use with your tax return.


New Location for Country Fellowship Church is: Holiday Inn Express @ 3041 Plaza Centre Court, Bryan, Texas 77802 (Off University Drive- Close to Copperfield & University. There are 3 Hotel’s in this area. Candlewood Suites; Hilton Gardens and Holiday Inn Express.  Park in rear parking lot behind the Holiday Inn.  You will see the Entrance to the Event Center)

(This starts on Sunday, March 1 Worship @ 10:00 a.m.& 5:00 p.m.)