What are your obstacles or problems?
Obstacles & problems can get in our way and keep us from doing what needs to be done. I just believe that a problem or obstacle is really an opportunity to stretch us.  Henry Kaiser put it this way. “A problem is an opportunity in work clothes.”  A good action strategy for that problem always starts in prayer and moving forward.  The obstacles of life are also the opportunities of life.

LOADS OF LOVE… This week I received a note from the Belmont Baptist Church in Charlottesville, Va. They told me that we can use their theme, “Loads of Love” for our Laundromat Ministry. They have been doing this ministry for over nine years. This church will be a great resource for us as we launch out in this new outreach ministry. Keep saving your quarters and drop them into the “White Bucket.” This outreach has so much potential in reaching out to the lost and unchurched of our area. September 28th is the date for our 1st Outreach. We will have more information to give you in the weeks ahead.

WOW was a WOW!
Word on Wednesday was a great success. This week we will only have tables on the back row so this will enable us to seat over 40 people. Thanks, Ross for ministering the Word. Thanks Terry & Debra for feeding us.

How can we contribute to the Financial Needs of the Country Fellowship Church?
Recently, that very question was asked of me. Here is the answer. We have envelopes and a bucket on the Welcome Table. Please fill out the envelope and put your offering in it and then drop it in the bucket. You also can put your money or check in the bucket and not even fill out the envelope. Our financial records are taken care of by a CPA.  In January those that gave through the envelops or checks will receive a contribution statement. You can also give online by a secure link on our Web Page/www.mycountryfellowship.com. When you click on to our page then look for partners. Our budget is over 6,200.00 a month. Your gifts and offering are much appreciated.

Jonah goes to Fish University.  Jonah 2
That is our study this morning. Jonah is thrown overboard but God is still not through with him. God still had a great work for him to do.  We see a great story in the Book of Jonah. God is merciful and gives second chances.

Whatever happened to Hell? Why don’t preachers preach about Hell?
A good number of people are asking those same question. I always say that we sure need to tell people about what God’s word says about Hell.  The past few weeks we have been talking about Heaven. We had a great time looking into the Scriptures and getting a description of Heaven. Tonight, and next Sunday Evening we look at what God’s word says about Hell. Thirteen percent of the 1,850 verses in the N.T. that record the words of Jesus deal with the subject of eternal judgment and hell. Jesus had more to say about Hell than He did Heaven.



Financial Picture for July 2019:
Income: 7,528.00
Expenses: 12,429.43
Bank Balance for July 31, 2019: 21,227.00
Our Expenses for July had several big items that were paid.

  • 5 Months of Payment to CPA- 2401. 87
  • Cost for Buppy’s Catering- 2805. 23 (2000+ came in the night of the event “August 4th” to help us pay the cost of the meal)
  • Support of Missionary to Croatia (1200.00)

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Our Web Page: www.mycountryfellowship.com You can give to Country Fellowship/Click Partners on the web page.

See Flyer for the Location @ Suites on 6 for Wednesday Evening. It is right next door to Stella’s Restaurant. WOW is at 6:00 p.m.