The Best is Yet to Come!

As I start this week, I reflect on this:

The Past:
The hard work that the Country Fellowship Church Family has participated in. The events that we have sponsored like: The White Elephant Christmas Event; The Doorhangers and Prayer Walks; The Blackwood Brothers and Psalms Journey; The Senior Expo; The 1st Anniversary of our Launch; The Thanksgiving Event with the Plainsman Quartet; The First Fridays with the Carter Creek Pickers; The Good Friday Service; I am sure that I have missed some.

The Future:
The Move to Premier beginning next Sunday. I have set a goal of 50 people next Sunday Morning. EACH ONE BRING ONE. Lets really do our best in attending and bringing someone with you. One hope that I have is to see through the next year, people who are staying in the hotel worshiping with us. I even hope to see us use the swimming pool to baptize in. I really think with prayers, faithfulness and evangelism we can see our best days ahead.

WOW (Word on Wednesdays) begins Wed. August 21st @ Suites ON 6. That all begins at 6:00 p.m. On August 21; 28 and September 4th, Ross Hooks will be teaching us some great insights from the Bible. On September 11th Dave Godwin will lead a class on the Truth Seminar; Carl Olson will lead a study called, Route 66. He will be taking folks through at tour of all 66 Books of the Bible. This will go through December 8th with no classes on November 27th.

Outreach and other Events will be planned through our Input & Output Gatherings. (This week it will be on Thursday, 10:00 a.m. at the Premier-Use the event door)

PRAYER IS WHERE IT WILL MAKE THE DIFFERENCE! This must be our major passion. Asking God to guide us and do a work in us.

Always remember this: “It Is No Secret What God Can & Will Do!”


A.M. Jonah, the Man Tried to Run from God! Winning the Lost @ Any Cost! Jonah1: 1-3

  • Jonah is a Real Person v.1.
  • Nineveh is a Real Place v.2.
  • Real Call & Commission Came to Jonah v.2
  • Real Indifference: Jonah toward God

P.M. John’s Insider Information on Heaven/Part 2

The Beauty of Heaven:

  • The Gates of Pearl 21:12,13, 21-25
  • The Great Walls 21:12,18
  • Twelve Foundations 21:14
  • The Streets of Pure Gold 21:21

“He that overcomes shall inherit all things, and I will be his God.”  Revelation 21:8

Believers Win!

Next Sunday, go to the back of Premier Hotel. Use the back-Parking Lot. When you go through the door you will see the welcome table and banners. There will also be signs out by the parking lot. If you CAN VOLUNTEER to be an outside greeter that would be appreciated.