Welcome to our New Location:

Our new location will also bring new challenges. God has amazingly placed us here so we can grow to 200+. We must pray hard; work hard and reach out to others. God is asking us to walk by faith and not by sight. We are a new type of church that can make a big difference. We all want to finish strong in life. Rev. 14:13. Philippians 1:6.

Do I get discouraged? Yes. Discouragement can be our greatest handicap. When I do get discouraged and start doubting then I remember what Dr. Charles Allen said. He said when you doubt then doubt your doubts. When we doubt then we need to put on the Armor of God and use the Shield of Faith to ward off those doubts.  When any of us step out on faith to do something new and challenging then we will experience Spiritual Warfare. Paul tells us about Spiritual Warfare in Ephesians 6. After he describes the Amor of God he then says, “and pray.” So, we must pray fervently and pray the prayer of faith. Remember, we are too Blessed to be distressed and too Anointed to be Disappointed.

Laundry Mat Outreach by Country Church Fellowship!
Save Your Quarters…On Saturday Morning, September 28th our Outreach will be to go to a laundry mat and pay for people’s laundry. While we are there, we will give them some refreshments, materials and ask them how we can pray for them. This will be done on Saturday, September 28th @ 10:00 a.m. The place will be announced later. Look for the quarter jugs to drop your quarters in.

Carter Creek Pickers are Back!
We have missed them, and we are glad they are back. Thanks, Donna, for filling in. You did such a great job and the people really enjoyed your leading us in the singing of old favorites.

WOW- Word on Wednesdays @ Suites on 6 @ 6 beginning 08/21/2019
Ross Hooks has been such a blessing to me. I have known Ross for almost 2 years. He has been such a friend and encourager. He and Fran are such a delight to the Country Fellowship Church Family. Ross is a very gifted Bible Teacher. The next three Wednesday Evenings he will be teaching us some great insights and truths from the Bible. Ross will be doing this for the next 3 Wednesday Nights. Thanks Ross!

Concluding Message on John’s Insider Information on Heaven:

Tonight, I want to conclude the messages on Heaven.  I will answer the following questions about Heaven. 1. Will we eat in Heaven? 2. What will we do in Heaven? 3. Will infants who have died go to Heaven? 4. Will we be married in Heaven? 5. Will we know each other and everyone in Heaven? 6. What will we know in Heaven? 7. How old will we be in Heaven? 8. Will we be able to see what is happening on earth? 9. How long will be in Heaven? 10. Who is going to Heaven? Bonus Question? You find out that bonus question tonight. Through the years, numbers of people have asked me this question. Find out tonight what this question is. I would love to get your insights on this question.

A.M. Sermon… Sermon Series on Jonah- The Man who tried to run from God!
This morning is from Jonah 1. I want us to look at ourselves and ask?  Am I a “Just as I am?” or Am I a Just as I ain’t?

Visitors…You Are Welcomed Here!

I want to thank all the visitors that have attended our services today. Please stop by the Welcome Table and fill out the Information Card and Receive a Special Gift that we have for you.

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