Changed Attitudes Mean Changed Live! The Attitude of Adeline!

This past week, I read about, Adeline Reynolds. Adeline was an amazing lady. After years of housekeeping she began a new career as an actress at the age of seventy. She had developed some positive attitudes and realized life was not over for her. She started sleeping on the floor. She started taking lessons in swimming, horseback riding, tap-dancing and even fencing. In her eighties she said, “I keep myself limber by always doing something.”

I was so intrigued by Adeline, that I did a little research on her.

  • She was born on September 19, 1862
  • She died on August 13, 1961 (27 days before her 100th Birthday)
  • Her First Movie debut was at the age of 78. She played the Grandmother to James Stewart in the Movie, “Come Live With Me.”
  • She played in 25 movies plus numerous television appearances.
  • She was an active actress up into the time she died.

Here is a lady that made it almost to her 100th birthday. (It was very rare in the 1960’s to even live to be 90) Here is a lady that was full of life in all the days of her life. I ask this question, “If Adeline would not have changed the course of her life at 70, would she have lived to be a few days short of 100?”  What attitude do you need to change? What new things have you learned in the past year or even five years.

Get off the Bench! Do something new in your life.
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It is great to have our Pulpit Guest, Ryan Higgs and Dr. Don Rice. We are Blessed People to have these men. Try to get to know these two men. Pray that God will continue to use them in a mighty way.

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