October 3, 2021

Living Life to its Fullest! (Matthew 6:33)

It seems we want a God that is less filling. We do not want a God that wants to change us. We do not want to dump God all together but just want a comfortable distance. How can we get more of God? It all starts with our heart. A right heart will produce right thinking.

Christ tells the case for a right heart: “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”– Matthew 6:33 NIV

The great Methodist Bishop, Dr. Clarence J. Forsberg called it the Beginners Creed: I think it sums up the philosophy of living life to its fullest:

Life is worth living!

People are worth loving!

God is worth trusting!

If…Life is worth living…Then Live!

People are worth loving…Then Love Them!

God is worth trusting…Then Trust Him!

Do you want a life that is less filling or a life that is lived to the fullest?

In 2010, I was the consultant to help start the Cowboy Church of Corsicana. The church has grown to reach hundreds. Pastor Derek Rogers has done an outstanding work in leading CCC. The church has grown to over 800 in attendance. Each year he has asked me to come and preach. Please pray for me as I preach there this morning. L.D. White is bringing the message this morning, and he will also lead our church in observing the Lord’s Supper. 

This morning is “Outreach Sunday.” Please stay, eat, and fellowship with the Aldersgate Family. 

Pray for our Worship Service on Thursday’s at Watercrest. Cindy and Donna lead the music and I bring a message. Judith, Archie, and Alice also have been a major help to us in the outreach and in-reach of the residents of Watercrest. 

Have you ever heard of Epaphroditus? We will talk about him in our Study of Philippians “Finishing Strong Series,” this Friday @ 10:00 a.m. Online or Onsite. Thanks L.D. for bring the Word for this Sunday.

Love You Country Fellowship Church Family! 

Pastor Charles





We have giving on our web page: www.mycountryfellowship.com under Partner with Us or you can give at the welcome table. There are envelopes and a bucket for the offerings, as well. 

Please feel free to take a copy of the magazine, “Mature Living” or a devotional guide “Our Daily Bread.”