Will You Jump? 

The German Theologian. Soren Kierkegard saw that the “core element” of Christian Faith was “Commitment.” He would use the following illustration to prove that. “A man was trapped on the edge of the cliff with a raging fire burning toward him. It would only be a minute or two before the fire would reach and consume him. He then hears a voice from down below the cliff, amidst the darkness, calling, “Jump!” The man answers, “But, I can’t see you! There is only darkness down there.” The voice from the deep shouts back, “Jump anyway, I can see you!” 

That story illustrated what he called “the leap of faith.” What is the Lord asking us to do? If we are obedient then we will have to take “the leap of faith.” 

In “Doing Life” on this earth means that we need to walk by faith and even sometimes take a great leap of faith. The Christian life calls for walking by faith and even sometimes jumping by faith. 

Thanks for your prayers this past week. 

Jump into the arms of Jesus! I am blessed to have you as a Friend!

Pastor Charles





9:00 a.m. Sunday School “Study in the Gospel of Luke.” 

10:25 a.m. Worship  


10:00 a.m. Finishing Strong- The Book of Philippians -Lesson this week, “I Can Overcome Worry.” 

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