You Were Made For This Moment!

“You Were Made For This Moment!” is the title of Max Lucado’s newest book. In this book he shares great lessons from the Story of Esther and Mordecai. Mordecai’s message was “Relief will come.”

Lucado reminds us that in a season of struggle we can be filled with despair and defeat. We many times turn away from others and our backs on God which causes us to become fearful cynical souls. Yes despair can be a dangerous season but is also can be a developing time, a time in which we learn to trust God. As Max Lucado  writes, “The choice is ours, “to help us choose the wise path.” That is what Esther did and that is what we need to do.  Relief will come. God will continue to give us strength to get through all this Chaos and Crisis.

Thanks to L.D. for bringing the word last Sunday. We appreciate all our help, Cindy, Jeff, Colton and L.D. and David Greenwood plus a host of others.

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Remember: “The Father above sent His Son down to be with us, so the Son could live and die for us, so we could be like Him, and the Son is in heaven for us and will come to us to take us up from here. The Father sent the Holy Spirit to us to be for us and with us and on us and in us and through us to sinners to convict us, to convert us, to fill us, to lead us, to change us.”

– Jess Moody