The pastor climbed the roof of the church and then made his way up the steeple.  Near the top of the steeple, he cried out, “Lord, where are you?” The Lord replied, “I am down here with my people.”

Today, is our first attempt in this community to have an outreach event.  This event should remind all of us that this is what Jesus wants us to do.  As we go forward, I would love to hear your outreach ideas that we could put in place.  God is bringing some folks to CFC to help us in the Recovery Program that we hope to begin soon.  Please keep this new ministry in your prayers.

Thanks to Cindy and L. D. for leading us in this Outreach Event today.  Thanks to Pastor Edwardo and the folks from Elohim Church for joining us in worship and outreach today!

What a Mighty God We Serve!


Pastor Charles

Upcoming Events

Oct 30th                     10:15am                   Joint service with Iglesia Baptista Elohim                                                                    11:30am                        Fall Festival

Nov 1st                       11:30am                   Ladies Fall Feast                             Multi-purpose room

Nov 2nd                      1:30pm                     Deacons Meeting                           Office conference area

Nov 4th                      9:00am                      Bible Study                                       Office conference area

Nov 11th                    9:00am                      Bible Study                                       Office conference area

Nov 12th                    8:00am                      Men’s Breakfast                             Multi-purpose room

Nov 14th                    6:00pm                     Missions/Outreach                        Office conference area

Churchwide meeting