The Great Words from the Cross of Jesus Christ: “Father, Forgive Them for They Know Not What They Do.” Luke 23:34

On the day Jesus was crucified, He had people turn against Him.  The rulers opposed and plotted His death.  The Disciples betrayed Him.  The people chose Barabbas over Him.  His trial was unjust.  He was laughed at, cursed, and even spit upon.  Yet when He prayed for the forgiveness of “them.” He means all of them.  There’s no hate or bitterness in His heart. It’s a beautiful act of love.  He even excuses them and seeks to remove their guilt by saying that they know not what they do.  As we look at the example of Christ it shows us the necessity to forgive people.  When we forgive people, we give them a gift.  Notice in the word “forgive” is also the word “give.” We also give ourselves a gift.  Today we speak about forgiveness.  It is so important to our spiritual life because unforgiveness will block our prayer life.  Unforgiveness will quench the power of the Holy Spirit.  Seek to forgive and forget.  Just like God has done for us.

I want to thank Colton for preaching for me last Sunday.  Several people told me that he did an amazing job.  I always want to thank people that have stepped in when I’m out of town.  It’s good to be back at CFC.  We have a lot of work to do in reaching out to our community.  I would think over 60+ % of our community is unchurched.  Sunday, October 30th will be Harvest Sunday.  Please help us in this great outreach effort.  Please Pray & Pray & Pray for CFC and the CFC Family.  This very week invite someone that is unchurched to next Sunday’s service.  The Rainer Group said recently that over 50% of unchurched people would attend church if a friend invited them to their church and would also sit with them during the service.

Bring them in!  Bring them in!  Bring the wandering ones to Jesus!

Blessings, Pastor Charles

Upcoming events

Oct 21st                       9:00am                        Bible Study                                          Office conference area


Oct 28th                       9:00am                        Bible Study                                          Office conference area


Oct 30th                       10:15am                      Joint service with Iglesia Baptista Elohim                                                                               11:45am                        Fall Festival


Nov 1st                         11:30am                      Ladies Luncheon                                 Multi-purpose room

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  1. Building/Grounds 1. Leadership
  2. Policies/Procedures 2. Administrative
  3. Commercial Property A. Building/Grounds
  4. Finance B. Policies/Procedures
  5. Culinary C. Finance
  6. In-reach D. HR/Personnel
  7. Missions/Outreach E. Commercial Property
  8. Music 3. Ministry
  9. Prayer A. Missions/Outreach
  10. Audio Visual B. Benevolence
  11. Benevolence C. Culinary
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