When the Foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?  (Psa. 11:3)

The question of the day?  The question of the hour?  As we read Psalm 11, we see the following results when the spiritual and moral foundations are destroyed:

  1. Wickedness and evil will prevail.
  2. People begin to do what is right in their own eyes.
  3. They will lie to their neighbor.
  4. Wickedness will be exalted over righteousness.
  5. People will deny the existence of God.

King David wrote this Psalm.  He wrote this at the beginning of his reign of Israel.  He was then 30 years old.  In this message he is speaking like a prophet.  He was saying that if the Spiritual Foundations of Israel be destroyed then they would implode spiritually, morally, and economically.

Psalm 11 is the very message that we need today.  The foundations of America are crumbling spiritually; morally; economically; educationally and families are falling apart.

I am concerned about this, and I hope you are also.  Please come and hear Pastor Rafael Cruz as he speaks to us about getting back to our spiritual and moral foundations and heritage.  The Grace for America Rally will be this Thursday Evening (October 19) at 6:00 p.m. at Aldersgate in College Station.  The address is on the flyer.  Take several flyers and hand them out.  Also contact others and invite them.

Blessings to the CFC Family!  Pastor Charles

No Bible Study on Friday October 20th

Family Cross Special Project – We are asking those who wish to take part to bring a Family Cross of your choosing to hang on the entry wall of the Sanctuary.  They will encircle the big lighted Cross that hangs there now.  Picking your Family Cross is a prayerful choice.  Please sign your names and put the date the back of your cross.  Please give your cross to Linda Watts, Deb Klepac, or Suzanne Wollard prior to November 12, 2023, for inclusion in this special project.

Upcoming Events

  • Prayer Meeting – Oct 18th – 6pm
  • Grace for America Rally – Oct 19th – 6pm
  • at Aldersgate Church
  • Sisterhood of Joy – Oct 24th – 11am
  • Shiloh Road Quartet Concert – Nov 12th – 5pm

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