The Gratitude Attitude November 22, 2020 In A Second Helping of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Rev. John R. Ramsey tellshow in one church a certain person provided him with a rose boutonniere forthe lapel of his suit every Sunday. At first he really appreciated it butthen it sort of became routine. Then one Sunday it became very special.As he was leaving the Sunday Service a young boy walked up to him and said,”Sir, what are you going to do with your flower?” At first the preacherdidn’t know what the boy was talking about. When it sank in, he pointed tothe rose on his lapel and asked the boy, “Do you mean this?”The boy said, “Yes, sir. If you’re just going to throw it away, I would likeit.” The preacher smiled and told him he could have the flower and then casuallyasked what he was going to do with it. The boy, who was probably no morethan 10 years old, looked up at the preacher and said, “Sir, I’m going togive it to my granny. My mother and father divorced last year. I was livingwith my mother, but she married again, and wanted me to live with my father.I lived with him for a while, but he said I couldn’t stay, so he sent me tolive with my grandmother. She is so good to me. She cooks for me and takescare of me. She has been so good to me that I wanted to give her that prettyflower for loving me.” When the little boy finished, the preacher could hardly speak. His eyesfilled with tears and he knew he had been touched by God. He reached up andunpinned the rose. With the flower in his hand, he looked at the boy andsaid, “Son, that is the nicest thing that I’ve ever heard but you can’t havethis flower because it’s not enough. If you’ll look in front of the pulpit,you’ll see a big bouquet of flowers. Different families buy them for theChurch each week. Please take those flowers to your granny because shedeserves the very best.”Then the boy made one last statement which Rev. Ramsey said he will alwaystreasure. The boy said, “What a wonderful day! I asked for one flower butgot a beautiful bouquet.”That’s the thankful spirit. That’s the gratitude attitude. And it’s thatattitude that should guide our lives!In Every Thing Give Thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” I Thess. 5:18Pastor Charles Higgs/229-9342/

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 October 2020 Financials: Expenses  for October:     7,690.82Receipts for October:     10.249.90 Gifts to Bridge Ministry: 520.00 ( If you give to the Bridge Ministry  then write your check out to Bridge and we will make sure that it gets to them. (they will give you a tax credit donation receipt at the end of the year)

Get Your Christmas Code Books Today!

Loads of Care Ministry:
Loads of Care Ministry: We are trying to collect 40 Zip Lock Bags of Quarters. Each bag will have 10.00 of Quarters. The week before Christmas the zip lock bags  will be handed out at the Laundromat on Texas Avenue to needy families. In each bag will be a gospel tract written by Vicki Courtney and the 10.00 of Quarters.

Continue to bring your Food Items for the Bridge Ministry.

Our Finance Team is working on the 2021 Budget. We hope to hand it out on Sunday, December 6th and vote on it on December 13th.

If you would like to be a prayer warrior for the Billy Graham  Evangelism let Pastor Charles or Vicki Courtney know. The Prayer Warriors will pray for the team that will answer the phone calls for two hours a week.

Thanks to Terry & Sheri for hosting the Fish Fry @ their home.

We are working on an information meeting for December . Next Sunday we will have the Date for the meeting.

Nicodemus- Snapshot of Grace/ For Goodness Sake- Breathe In Grace

John 3:1-8

Nicodemus found out that his goodness was still not good enough. – You Need the Grace of God you need a New Birth. Breathe Grace!

The Meaning of the New Birth

What is the New Birth?

  • The New Birth has a Definite Time
  • The New Birth has No Past
  • The New Birth cannot be Repeated
  • The New Birth Has Pain & Agony

The Mandate of the New Birth: “You must be born again.”

This morning Terry Williams will lead us the Celebration of the Lord’s Supper.

Sunday School 9:00 a.m. Worship 10:30 a.m. – (Fellowship Hall)
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