The Attitude of Gratitude Is Much Needed!

The last several years of William Wilberforce’s life he continued to expressed his thankfulness to the Lord. One phrase that he would often repeat was, “How good a friend God is to me.” The month of November reminds us of Gratitude.

A few months before Pastor Doyle Masters died he wrote the following: “Our Thanksgiving list is not made not from what we have but from who has us- A God who is able to do exceeding, abundantly above all I ask or think.”

Actor Ted Danson expressed his gratefulness in the following words. “If you keep being grateful for your life, your heart get bigger. The bigger your heart, the more you get to love.”

Ann Voskemp writes the following:

“In Stressful Times, Seek God.

  In Painful Times, Praise God.

In Terrible Times, Trust God.

…And At All Times, Thank God.

We Give Thanks today through  the Observance of the Lord’s Supper. L.D. White will lead us in this ordinance.  We thank our  Christ.  He has given us the Gift of our Salvation.

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