Too Busy Not to Pray!

I still remember when Nancy & I would pray with our daughter Andrea when she was a child.  She would ask God to give us good weather and few other things.  She would pray for us as parents.  She prayed for her grandparents.  She would pray for her friends.  After the tornado hit Paris, Texas where we lived for three years, Andrea would tell God, “God, don’t let there be any more tornadoes…”  Sometimes she would shout from her bedroom.  “Dad and Mom get in here and pray with me because I am tired, and I need to go to sleep.”

Years ago, I read Billy Hybels book, “Too Busy Not to Pray.” The book talked about slowing down to be with God.  Many of us who are legacy adults, have more time and probably more request to talk to God about.  I know I pray a whole lot more than I did as a young pastor in Paris, Texas.  Why?  I pray more because I sense the need of talking more to God.

Where is Pastor Charles this morning?  I am pulpit guest at the 3C Cowboy Church in Salado.  This church started about the same time Nancy & I started the Cowboy Church of Erath County in Stephenville.  I have preached there a couple of times before.  At the present time they do not have a pastor, so they asked me to preach this Sunday.  Pray for this church as they seek a new pastor.  Thank you, Travis Bryan III, for preaching for us today.

Thanks for praying for Rose, the niece of Peggy Gordan.  Thanks for praying for the Louis Fowler family.  Thanks for praying for our grandson, Walker.  The surgery on his knee went well.  Please get the church prayer list today and get busy praying.

Remember, you are never too busy to pray.

Blessings!  Pastor Charles – Galatians 6:9


Family Cross Special Project – We are asking those who wish to take part to bring a Family Cross of your choosing to hang on the entry wall of the Sanctuary.  They will encircle the big lighted Cross that hangs there now.  Picking your Family Cross is a prayerful choice.  Please sign your names and put the date the back of your cross.  Please give your cross to Linda Watts, Deb Klepac, or Suzanne Wollard prior to November 12, 2023, for inclusion in this special project.

What a blessing to be had at the Oct 24, Sisterhood of Joy Big Event.  A devotional, yummy food, an activity making fall encouragement card to reach out and touch someone and enjoying Christian love and fellowship.  Be watching for flyers and announcements for upcoming events. Come and be blessed and have a super time.  – Linda Watts

 Please watch the announcement video for pictures from the event.  

Samaritan’s Purse – For the month of November, the church is collecting monetary donations for Operation Christmas Child.  The funds raised will help with the cost of shipping the Christmas shoeboxes.