Evangelism must be caught before it is taught.” Dr. Roy Fish

Years ago, I was a student in Dr. Roy Fish’s Evangelism Class.  He told us that “Evangelism must be caught before it is taught.” You must do evangelism.  Evangelism is not done in a classroom.  One of the key ingredients in sharing the gospel with people is how you see them.  I, for many years, looked at them as prospects to lead to Christ and get them involved in the church.  Phillip Yancey has reminded believers to look at individuals with “Grace-filled” eyes.  Grace will always cause us as believers to see people instead of prospects.  We see people who are hungry to experience God’s love.  I think we fail many times to reach out to others because we are not seeing them as people.  The song writer and soloist, Steve Green sang that beautiful song, “People Need the Lord!” Someone said, “Grace Evangelism is a real joy instead of a religious job.” “Grace Motivates one to share a Person, not a plan.” (Steve McVey)

Let Us Grace others by doing Grace Evangelism.  Let us look at people with the “Grace-Filled Eyes!”

When you get out of church today, call and invite someone to the Shiloh Road Concert at 5:00 p.m. this afternoon.

Blessings!  Pastor Charles

What a blessing to be had at the Oct 24, Sisterhood of Joy Big Event.  A devotional, yummy food, an activity making fall encouragement card to reach out and touch someone and enjoying Christian love and fellowship.  Be watching for flyers and announcements for upcoming events.  Come and be blessed and have a super time.  – Linda Watts

 Please watch the announcement video for pictures from the event.  

No Prayer Meeting on November 22nd.

The last 2023 Friday Bible Study is November 17th.  Friday Bible Study will start back in January 2024

Samaritan’s Purse – For November, the church is collecting monetary donations for Operation Christmas Child.  The funds raised will help with the cost of shipping the Christmas shoeboxes.