P.U.S.H. “Pray Until Something Happens!”

Jesus’ ministry and teaching emphasized prayer. His teachings were a lot about prayer. Jesus always challenged His Disciples to pray. In Luke 18:1-8 he illustrated the importance of the persistency of prayer. He illustrates this by sharing the story of the persistent widow. Jesus tells his Disciples, that they should always pray and not give up. Jesus assures us in Luke 18 that persistence in prayer is a must. He goes on saying, “Ask and keep on Asking!” “Seek and Keep on Seeking!” “Knock & Keep on Knocking!” Jesus also taught that we must expect God to answer. Many believers pray, yet they do not really expect an answer. We must continue to P.U.S.H. “Pray Until Something Happens!”

This morning, I am preaching at Westwood Fellowship in Grand Prairie. Please keep me in your prayers. I want to thank Travis Bryan III for preaching for us today. I know that you will be blessed by the teaching of Travis. Cindy White will be our interim Worship Leader. I appreciate her and Donna Busbee for their faithfulness to the Music & Worship Ministry of CFC. I also appreciate the ministry of Jeff Shaw and I know that God will continue to use him in a great way.

Blessings! Pastor Charles

I Peter 5:7

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May 13th           Men’s Breakfast                                          8:00 am

May 14th           Mother’s Day Continental Breakfast         9:00 am

May 16th           Deacons Meeting                                         9:00 am

May 16th           Finance Team Meeting                               10:00 am

May 21st           Potluck after church

May 23rd          Sisterhood of Joy Fellowship                     11:00 am