In 1985, a lady named Ann wrote a letter to the LA. Times about a lesson she learned when she went to help her brother-in -law after her sister died.  Her brother-in-law was preparing for the funeral.  He opened the bottom drawer of her sister’s dresser and lifted out a “tissue wrapped package.” In that package was a very expensive garment. In fact, the price tag was still attached.  He said, “Jan bought this the first time we went to New York, at least eight or nine years ago.  She was saving it for a special occasion…Well, I guess this is the occasion.” He handed her the garment, but his hands would not let go of it.  Finally, he released his grip, slammed the dresser drawer, and blurted out a sentence that Ann would never forget.  He said, “Don’t ever save anything for a special occasion.  Every day you are alive is a special occasion!”

Ann wrote, “I remembered those words through the funeral and the days that followed when I helped him, and my niece attend to all the difficult chores that followed an unexpected death.  I thought about them on the plane returning to California from the Midwestern city where my sister’s family lives.  I thought about all the things that she had not seen, heard, or done.  I thought about the things that she had done without realizing that they were special.”  She continued, “I’m still thinking about his words, ‘Someday’ and ‘one of these days’ are losing their grip on my vocabulary.  If it is worth seeing, hearing, or doing, I want to see and hear and do it now.  Every morning, I open my eyes I tell myself that it is special.”

Irenaeus once said, “the glory of God is a man who is fully alive.”  Jesus said, “I am come that you might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10b) Abundant life is being able to Seize the Day!

Soren Kierkegard once said, “This age will die, not from sin, but from a lack of passion.” Have a passion to do your best and seize every opportunity to serve God and your neighbor.

Have a great week!  CARPE DIEM

Blessings- Pastor Charles


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