What Is Wise Evangelism?

S.M. Lockridge said, “The wise church will evangelize…the unwise church will fossilize.”

A Store was going out of business and the sign on their window said, “Going out of business because we did not know what our business was.” Too many times we can learn our sense of purpose.

We become keepers of the aquarium.  Dr. Kermit Long has pointed out, rather than being fishers of men, we have become keepers of aquarium.” The Holy Huddle…turned inward…” Us 4 and no more.” George Barna said that only 8% of the active believers in an evangelical church are trying to win the lost to Christ.  The suppressed church in China sees everyday 32,000 Chinese give their hearts.

The Bible says, “He that win’s souls is wise.” The idea here is of a believer that is trying to win over an unbeliever.  What is wise evangelism?  5 things

  1. The Right Connection:Before you talk to people about God, talk to God about people.” – Gypsy Smith.  Do you realize that 85% percent of the people who visit a church come because they are asked?  And many wonder why we stress GROW and FAITH.  “I’m excited, I’m delighted that I have been invited.”
  2. The Right Concentration: In order to invite we must invest. Evangelism in the church is a tag team event. We invest and invite.
  3. The Right Communication: We must communicate the gospel where unbelievers and a pagan world can understand it.
  4. The Right Anticipation: Every time God opens the door, for God’s sake walk through it…Ask God to make you sensitive to open doors… (John 1:42) “Andrew went & found his brother Peter, and he brought him to Jesus.”
  5. The Right Information: I just witness with my life.” The word “witness.”  “Telling what you know to be sure.” You must have some content. The presentation of the gospel needs to have content, it needs to make people think.  The gospel when it is presented right will answer specific question and specific needs.  I Peter 3:15.


Remember there is no such thing as a silent witness.

Sharing God Great News – Ringing Doorbells for My Lord!  Pastor Charles 

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