God Responds When His Children Show Faith in HIM!

Years ago I heard Dr. John Bisango tell the following story.  He told about his daughter, Melodye Jan who was five years old at the time, came to him and asked for a doll house. John promised to build her one, then he went on reading his book. Soon he glanced out the study window and saw Melodye Jan’s arms filled with dishes, toys and dolls, making  trip after trip until she had a great pile of playthings in the yard. He asked his wife what Melodye Jan was doing.  “Oh, you promised to build her a doll house, and she believes you. She’s just getting ready for it.”

“You would of thought I’d been hit by an atom bomb.” John later said, “ I threw aside that book, raced to the lumber yard for supplies, and quickly built that little girl a doll house. Now why  did I respond? Because I wanted to? No. Because she deserved it? No. Her Dad had given his word, she believed it and acted upon it. When I saw her faith, nothing could keep me from carrying out my word.

The Property on 24th Street has come back to us several times. The first time it came to us I shared the opportunity with Wayne & Jane Rediker. I did not tell him where it was but you know Wayne could be persistent. So I told him. Wayne and Jane followed me over there and we walked around. Wayne said let’s pray that God will work this out for us. My friend that has been at least 12 to 18 months ago. In Wayne’s prayer he asked the Lord to make this building possible. I believe that God has made it possible. (Myself and others have gone by and walked the grounds of that church and prayed) God has allowed us to receive a 500,000.00 equity gift from a Donor. Financing is in place . Inspections are in the process. Repairs  are underway. This past Thursday, we had a great town hall meeting and gave information and answered  questions. Many of you have been praying for some time about this building and also in the search for a building. We prayed in faith for God to provide us a place. Well I just believe God has opened that door so let’s step out like Melodye Jane and make the most of the opportunity.

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