How To Confront a Crisis by Rick Warren (I loved this article from Rick Warren and wanted to share it with you)

Recently, a woman in Florida won $17,000,000 in a lottery.  She called home to her live-in boyfriend and said, “I’ve just won the lottery!  Start packing!” Her boyfriend replied, “That’s fantastic!  Should I pack for warm or cold weather?” She said without emotion, “I don’t care – just as long as you are out of the house by the time, I get home!” That man had a crisis!

Unexpected crises are a part of life.  At this moment you are in one of three phases: Either you just got out of a crisis… or you’re in a crisis right now… or you’re headed into a crisis.

First, Determine the Reason.  Ask yourself: “What is really the reason behind this crisis?” The reason is often deeper than what appears on the surface.

Second, Determine the Result.  Ask: “What can I learn from this?” Every crisis is an opportunity to enlarge my perspective, sharpen my skills, and develop my character.

Third, Determine my Response.  Ask: “What is the best way to respond to this?” Regardless of what else you do; your response should include 3 elements: 1. Confront the problem.  2. Confess your part.  (If any) If you brought this crisis on yourself, admit it, and ask forgiveness.  Don’t make excuses and don’t blame others.  3. Claim a promise.  Did you know there are over 7,000 promises of God to help you in the Bible?  RW


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