The Author, Robert Morgan talks about two men who were dying across the town from each other.  One was very wealthy man who had amassed a great fortune.  The mansion that he lived in was lavishly furnished and decorated with expensive paintings and furniture. He had an expensive car sitting in his garage plus also had an expensive boat at his lake house. The other man had very little material things but loved the Lord and was faithful to his church. The wealthy man, who was not a believer died. In the last hour before he died he kept saying, “I’m leaving home, I’ leaving home.” The other man before he died had a glow on his face and kept saying, “I’m going home, I’m going home.”

This morning we will be looking at John 14:1-6. I love this passage because Jesus tells us that “I go to prepare you a place for you.” As a Believer, that phrase gives us great anticipation that someday we will be with Jesus. In this same passage, Jesus also said, “Let not your heart be troubled.” That is a promise that will give us peace, comfort and assurance until Jesus takes us home. Jesus takes care of us on earth with comfort and peace and in Heaven HE takes care of us eternally in an unbelievable mansion. Hallelujah!

When you fly your ticket has a confirmation code on it. That Code has letters and numbers.  Someone told me one day that the confirmation for our ticket to Heaven is JN316.  Think about it!

Love the Country Fellowship Family and Thank God that I get to be the Pastor of CFC!

Pastor Charles

We need volunteers for CFC Teams.  If you are interested in serving on a Team, please let Cindy, Bill B., or Pastor Charles know.   CFC Teams listed on back.


Please welcome our newest member, Leah Rush


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Today                                                 Business Meeting & Potluck                    after Sunday worship

March 31st                                        Friday Bible Study                                      9:00 AM

April 7th                                             Good Friday Service                                  3:00 PM

April 15th                                           Men’s Breakfast                                          8:00 AM


2023 Teams                

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