Making Our Lives Count!

There was a man by the name of Bill who was a successful stockbroker in NYC.  Bill was also an alcoholic.  One December he found himself in a hospital in NYC.  He had a Christian friend visit him in the hospital.  After his friend left, he realized that he was powerless, hopeless and that he could not help himself and that nobody else could help him.  He yelled out and rose from his bed and said, “If there be a God, let Him show Himself now.” Suddenly, there was a light, a blinding white light that filled the room.  He said that there was a tremendous wind that seemed to be blowing all around me and right through me.  He said that he felt the presence of God.  He also felt immense joy.  Later Bill teamed up with Dr. Bob who was also an alcoholic.  Together they went to work to help other alcoholics and today thousands of thousands have been helped.  Pastor Charles Allen took Bill’s 12 steps and wrote a book called “12 Steps to Solve Your Problem.” 1.  I Admit I Need Help; 2. I believe God Can Help; 3. I decide For God; 4. I Look at Myself; 5. I Confess My Wrongs; 6. I Am Ready to Be Changed; 7. I Ask God for Help; 8. I Think of Those I have Harmed; 9. I Make Amends; 10.I Continue to Look at Myself; 11. I Draw Closer to God; 12. I Help Others.

Love all the above.  It can all come together when we obey the Master’s Command, “Deny Yourself and Take Up the Cross & Follow Me!”

I Hope to see you at 5:00 p.m. this Friday @ our Worship Center for the Good Friday Service.  “Find Your One” to bring to Easter Sunday!

Blessings!  Pastor Charles

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March 27th – Prayer Meeting – 6pm

March 29th – Good Friday Service – 5pm

April 3rd – Prayer Meeting – 6pm

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April 28th – Shiloh Road Concert – 5pm

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