Teach Me To Pray!

One day a boy was watching a holy man praying on the banks of a river in India. When the holy man completed his prayer the boy went over and asked him, “Will you teach me to pray?” The holy man studied the boy’s face carefully. Then he gripped the boy’s head in his hands and plunged it forcefully into the water! The boy struggled frantically, trying to free himself in order to breathe. Finally, the holy man released his hold. When the boy was able to get his breath, he gasped, “What did you do that for?” The holy man said, “I just gave you your first lesson.” “What do you mean?” asked the astonished boy. “Well,” said the holy man, “when you long to pray as much as you longed to breathe when your head was underwater—only then will I be able to teach you to pray.” Mark Link, Breakaway

With that said, “Prayer is so vital to our lives!” Prayer is our oxygen.

This Friday’s Study this week  is about The Life of Joni Eareckson Tada  who became a parapelvic through a water diving accident at 18.  Tada has had a powerful ministry for over 50 years of teaching and speaking. We will look at how she answers the question about the “Why? of Suffering.”  We will call this lesson: “Faithing Your Way Through Trials.:” See you at 9:30 a.m. this Friday.

Today, after the service we need to have a short business conference about the upcoming purchase of the building on 24th Street.

Pastor Charles

Attend Sunday School on Sunday’s @ 8:45 a.m. Adult Bible Class taught by Jean Godwin; Men’s Bible Study taught by L.D. White

Outreach: If you have a prospect for our church please give me their Name; Contact Number and Address. I would love to go with you to visit with them or I can get someone else to go with me.