God is waiting for you!

We cannot get away from God.  There is a day of reckoning.  We must embrace God though Christ on the Cross and Christ & the Empty Tomb.  “Christ in me the Hope of Glory.”

One day the late Paul Harvey, the great Radio Commentator told the following story.  “From what “It’s Worth Department” we hear of a great escape!  Gary Tindle was in a California courtroom charged with robbery.  He asked and got Judge Armando Rodriguez permission to go to the bathroom.  While the bathroom door was guarded Mr. Tindle climbed up onto the plumbing and opened a panel in the ceiling.  Sure enough, a dropped ceiling with space between it.  He climbed up-and into a crawlspace- and headed south.  He had gone thirty-some feet when the ceiling panels broke under him and dropped him to the floor…Right back in Judge Rodriquez’s courtroom.”

We cannot escape God and that is a good thing for us.  God is there waiting for us to come to Him through the Cross of Jesus Christ.  As a believer Jesus is waiting to hear from you through your prayers and thoughts.  He waits pertinently for us to fall on our knees before Him to receive His Grace and Mercy at time of need.  You & I cannot get away from God and that is a good thing.

I Love to Tell the Story of Jesus and His Love!  John 3:16 is still the Greatest Story!

Blessings!  Pastor Charles /Galatians 2:20

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