What do you do when going through Adversity? How do we answer the questions that Adversity brings to us?

In October of 2003, 13 year-old, Bethany Hamilton, once ranked as the best amateur teen surfer in Hawaii, lost an arm to a tiger shark. What did this teenage disabled surfer do after that? Look at the following:’

  • One month after the attack she returned to surfing and within two years she would win her first national surfing title.
  • Soon after the attack, she began to raise money to restore a man’s eyesight.
  • While visiting New York City, she gave her ski coat to a homeless girl. When asked about the gift, she said she had more than she needed in life.
  • At 17 she became a professional surfer and still to this day she is surfing professionally.
  • Beth who is now 32, continues to share her faith in speaking and writing and communicating through her blog.

She realizes that through this crisis God was able to enlarge her ministry and.

On Friday’s we are trying to answer the great question, “Why Does God Allow Adversity and Suffering?” This past week we to a quick look at the different approaches in answering that question. This week we will look at Phillip Yancey’s approach to the suffering & evil question.

Friday’s Bible Study will be different in our approach. Each week we will put an audio version from my notes on Facebook. On Fridays at 9:30 a.m. we will share just onsite. Why will we go to this format? With this new format we will have the opportunity to have questions and discussion. We used this format this past week and had some great discussion.

Look for “Your-One.” Whose “Your-One” that you will invite for Easter. Our goal is 75 in attendance on that Sunday.

This morning we will continue our theme on Prayer. Prayer is the most important thing we can do individually and as a church family. To day we will talk about the” Secret of Prayer”. What is that? It is Praying out of Desperation and Persistence.”

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