In February, a two-week revival at Asbury University was sparked when the students spontaneously stayed after chapel service and continued to worship and pray. Tens of thousands of people across the nation were moved to travel and participate in the student-led revival. Since that time, the revival movement has moved to many campuses, including our Texas A&M. The gathering at Texas A&M included over 1,000 students.  They also gathered to catch the revival fire through worship, healing, prayer, repentance, and baptism. Since young people over the U.S. have hungered and sought a deeper relationship with God, we need to ask ourselves the following question, “Are we as older Adults seeking and praying for revival among our generation.” No one can disagree, while looking at the state of our country, that a movement of God and toward Him is needed.

A spiritual awakening can start by coming to our church and to us as individuals. Think back to your first days after accepting the Lord as your Savior.  Is your sense of connection to God as strong throughout each hour of the day as it was then? Is your dedication of sharing Him with others as strong? Are you where you would like to be with your walk with Jesus?  God wants us to return to that first love so He can help us.  Psalm 85:6 says, “Wilt Thou not revive us again; that the people may rejoice in Thee.” Even though the Lord should be the initiator of our spiritual awakening we still can prayerfully ask Him to revive us and approach His response with expectancy. We can repent of any hindrances which hold us back from seeking the revival. We can spend more time in His word and allow Him to speak to our hearts through the power of Holy Spirit. This is the time when we can learn what is most important in life by following the example of the young people who are seeking revival.

Lord Send a Revival & Let It Begin in Me!

Blessings Pastor Charles


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