How many Grace Moments did you have this week? I also like the term “Holy Moments.” “Holy Moments” is what the Author Matthew Kelly calls them. What are they? They are moments that when something or someone upsets you then reverse it with Grace and Goodness. You just smile and walk away. That is a “Grace Moment” or a “Holy Moment.” Do you have a person or maybe several that “Push Your Buttons?” I mean when they enter the room you just tense up. Don’t let that person or situation determine who you are. There are some people who love to push people’s buttons. Some people in life feel like it is their calling in life to be critical. When you realize that you don’t have to have the approval of others then that it a good thing. When you realize that your aim in life is just to be the person that God has called you to be then you have experienced a “Grace or Holy Moment.”

A “Grace or Holy Moment” is when you pray with someone. A “Grace or Holy Moment” is when you check on how someone is doing. A “Grace or Holy Moment” is when you reach out and help someone. A “Grace or Holy Moment” is when you have an opportunity to meet a new person. A “Grace and Holy Moment” is when you talk to someone about their relationship with the Lord.

Next Sunday I want to preach and challenge you with this this theme “Born for More.” When we started Country Fellowship Church, we were challenged by the Prayer of Jabez. (I Chronicles 4:10) This prayer is the prayer of expansion.

Come to outreach Monday Evening at 6:30 p.m. as we visit about two ministries: 1. Pray & Go! 2. Loads of Love ministry at the Laundromat.

Blessings! Happy Father’s Day!

Pastor Charles /Galatians 6:9