At 60 + years of age a good number of us would say on Father’s Day…

Paul Powell loved preachers and wrote a good many books about the Bible and Life. He wrote the following about Fathers. At age 4 we explain, “My Dad can do anything.” At age 7 we say, “My Dad knows a lot.” By age 12 we are saying, “Oh well, we can’t expect Dad to know everything.” At age 14 we say, “My Dad is hopelessly out of date and old-fashioned.” By the time we reach 21 years of age we are saying, “What should I expect? He just does not understand.” At age 25 we begin to say, “I need to find out what Dad thinks.” At age 40 we ask, “What would Dad have thought?” By the time we hit 50 we are saying, “My Dad knew everything!” And, at 60 years of age we usually say, “I wish I could talk with Dad just one more time.” In thinking this week about Father’s Day and the stories of the Bible I would have to say, “I think the Prodigal Son’s Father was one of the best. When the son messed up in life, he ran home to the open arms of his Dad. The Dad was there waiting to tell him how much he loved him. The bonus of this reunion was they rejoiced together with a Texas BBQ. How about that?

Happy Father’s Day-Dad’s!

I love being a Dad to our Daughter Andrea! Pastor Charles