Let’s Help People from Going Back to the Bridge!

“A young lady who was a student at a university, lost both parents in an automobile accident. She came to such a point of despair that she went to a bridge over the river with the idea of jumping to her death. As she stood by the railing, contemplating suicide, she looked off in the distance and saw the steeple of a church.  Instead of jumping off she went to the church, found the pastor, and shared with him her sorrow. She asked the Pastor this pertinent question “Is there anything under this steeple to keep me from going back to the bridge?” We live in such a world that  people want to know, “Is there anything under the steeple to keep me from going back to the bridge?”  

Country Fellowship Church will need to continue to be a place that will keep people from going back to the bridge. May people always here the message:

  • Life is worth the living!
  • People are worth loving!
  • God is worth trusting!

This morning, Nancy and I are on our way back from Corpus Christi. A dear friend, Dottie Chiles died suddenly this past week and we wanted to go to be with her family at the Memorial Service. Please keep the Chiles Family in your prayers. Tonight, try to be at the Hazel Family Concert at 6:00 p.m. at the Northview Baptist Church in Bryan at 1809 Tabor Road. Bryan, Texas 77803. This is also a Rally to promote “Victory in the Valley” event that we will have August 15-18 at the Brazos Center. I will get back in time for the Rally tonight. See you there.

This morning Jeff Shaw will lead our Worship Service. Jean Godwin will share with you a true story from the Voice of the Martyrs. (This is a ministry that our church supports) I have asked Victor and Connie Henry to share with us a testimony about the Crisis that they went through a few years ago. It is an amazing story of how the Lord stepped in and brought them through  a difficult time. This month we are focusing on the passage that is found in I Peter 5:5-10. I like to call this passage, “A Believer’s Survival Kit for Tough Times.”

Next Sunday we will honor our Fathers. We have a special gift for every man present next Sunday.
See You Tonight @ the Rally! Pastor Charles/229-9342

See you onsite or online @ our Bible Study  @ 10:00 a.m. this Friday on Campus here @ Aldersgate.; Sunday School @ 9:00 a.m. Worship @ 10:15 a.m.

Love this quote: “ The Best name for God is, “Compassion.”-Brennan Manning