What are your greatest moments or events in your life?

Many years ago, the late Jess Moody was speaking at a banquet at the First Baptist Church of Cocoa, Florida.  The pastor at that time was James Sawyer and he called Jess’s attention to a distinguished man sitting a few tables away.  He said that is, Col. Donald Eppert, Deputy Director of the Corps of Engineers at Cape Kennedy.  He said that Eppert’s signature had been affixed to untold millions of dollars of government contracts.  Pastor Sawyer said that the Colonel had shared a list of his greatest thrills in life.  The first three that followed his conversion to Christ were:

  1. Witnessing to his neighbors about Jesus Christ.
  2. Leading his church in a stewardship campaign.
  3. Helping John Glenn into orbit.

Col. Eppert had his priorities in order.  He had the right set of values.  He emphasized the matters that matter.

What are your greatest thrills?  The above story makes us think about values and principles.

Look for the opportunities to reach out to others.  Do not get weary in doing well!  Ok?  (Galatians 6:9-10.)
Pastor Charles