This week I read the following quotes about Salvation! 

  • The New Birth is not Optional but Imperative.
  • Jesus came to save the lost, the last and the least.
  • The Sinner has only two options – be pardoned or be punished.
  • Empty Cross + Empty Tomb = Full Salvation
  • Conversion is going in Business with God
  • God votes for us; Satan votes against us- we cast the deciding vote!
  • Some people have a ton of religion but not one ounce of Salvation.
  • Salvation is not analyzed but realized.

This Sunday Morning – Today, I will preach again on the text, “John 3:16.” John 3:16 is God’s Simple way of explaining Salvation.  It is never too early to decide for Christ, but the time will come when it will be too late.

Jesus Paid it all.  Pastor Charles

P.S. There will not be a Friday Morning Bible Study this week.  Several of us will attend a Men’s Bible Conference @ the Corsicana Cowboy Church.

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