Years ago, sports journalist Gary Meyer did an interview with Barry Switzer.  Barry coached the O.U. Sooners to several National Championships and the Dallas Cowboys to a Superbowl Victory.  In the interview Barry, the son of a bootlegger, said that while growing up in Crossett, Arkansas, the adults of the community had little respect for his family.  Barry’s friends would have to pick up his dates, because no father would let their daughter go out with such a low life.  He said that the Southern Baptist of the community ostracized he and his family.

Think about it.  The Baptist Church of their community ostracized the Switzer Family.  As a fellowship of believers in Christ, we are called to “evangelize” and not “ostracize.”  In our own lives we need to ask, “Who have we ostracized?” In our community, there are forgotten families like the Switzers.   Will we “ostracize” or “evangelize” the Switzers of our community?

How do we reach them?  CFC has several ways to reach and evangelize our community.  Learn about these opportunities by attending the monthly, “Outreach Meeting “on Monday, July 18th at 6:30 p.m.  We will share with you at that meeting the opportunities that we will use to reach out to our community.  The outreach opportunities that we will share with you are: 1) Prospects that you can call, visit, and/or pray with  2) PRAY & GO in your neighborhood and the neighborhood around our church 3) Loads of Love Ministry at P.J.’s Laundromat on Monday & Saturday Mornings  4) First Friday Outreach in Downtown Bryan 5) Outreach to Newcomers in our Church’s zip code  6) Social Media Outreach 7) Senior Citizens Trips 8) Recovery Ministry

Listen, I want us to expand our vision in reaching the lost and unchurched of our neighborhoods.  Let us make a difference.

This morning I am Preaching at the Lost Pine’s Cowboy Church in Elgin.  Their pastor recently retired and as they start their pastor-search they wanted me to come and preach and encourage their church family.  My good friend and a great friend of our church is Terry Williams is preaching for us today.  Terry & Sheri have been a great blessing to the CFC Family.  Terry, thanks for preaching today.  I am looking forward to the Fabulous Blackwood Quartet concert tonight at 6:00 p.m. at Northview Baptist Church.  Hope to see you also at the Dessert Fellowship this Monday at 7:00 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall.  Colton Crain will be speaking about his recent mission trip to Slovakia.  Did I mention “Banana Pudding?”

Love the Country Fellowship Family!

Pastor Charles


July 10th            The Fabulous Blackwood Quartet                                               6 pm at Northview

July 11th            Dessert Fellowship – Colton mission trip                                    7 pm

July 16th            Men’s Breakfast (RSVP to Mike)                                                 8 am

July 18th            Outreach Meeting                                                                     6:30 pm

July 24th            Outreach Lunch after church


Please refrain from adjusting the various thermostats in the sanctuary and education building.  If adjustments are needed, please contact Cindy White.  We are in the process of balancing out the HVAC systems to optimize the air flows and temperatures for proper environmental comfort and efficient electricity use.