In the last few months, I have purposely not listened or watched the News or Radio and TV. This past week,  I  listened to a couple of news programs. The news that I heard frightened me. I was frightened for America and for my daughter/son-in-law and grandchildren and the future that they would be facing. There are giants in the land that frighten us today. Today, even the strongest among us feel the fear like a little child. We are so afraid.  Fear is our most powerful enemy. This present-day fear can enslave us. What I heard on the news was so traumatic that I could not get it out of my mind.

Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin described Franklin Roosevelt as a surprisingly peaceful man. When he was elected president in 1932 during the worst years of the Great Depression, he felt that the country’s worst problem was not the failure of the economy but was the pervasive feeling of fear among the American people. When he said, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself,” it helped because it seemed to make the country believe that the worst years were behind them and that better days were ahead. A sense of optimism was slowly released, and people began to let go of their hopelessness. What we learn from his early years was the fact that Roosevelt was not always so confident. When he was just entering politics, he was considered a political lightweight. His own cousin, Alice Roosevelt Longworth, couldn’t stand him and thought of him as a mama’s boy with no backbone. Yet Roosevelt’s backbone came about because of his struggle with polio contracted when he was a young boy. He faced a traumatic experience that nearly took his life and he learned to be empathetic for the hurting people he encountered. He also learned what leadership meant in his work at Warm Springs, Georgia, where he helped others suffering from the same crippling disease that had taken away his own mobility.[1]

David found the resources to handle the fear of a Giant. He had faith a sling shot and five stones and most of all a Big Faith in God. Do we have the resources to face our fears? Or do we feel overwhelmed by the giants we face? How big is our fear? Are we standing on the battlefield frozen in a silence that consumes us or are we down at the brook selecting five smooth stones confident that God will help us meet the challenge?

Let’s be Faith Walking People!
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Your Goliath Moment/ I Samuel 17:31-40

A Goliath Moment is any giant obstacle that is keeping you to be the person that has called you to be. Look at the following steps defeating your Goliath: Identify Your Giant; Be Faithful; “UBU”; Finish the Task

Listen our God alone is Unchangeable; Unstop-able and also Unshakable.

“I am young and now I am old, yet I have not sent the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread.” Psalm 37:25

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This week’s topic: Do you see the signs in the air? Can you hear the hoofbeats of the White Horse? The White Horse of Deception-The Signs of Deception/Part 1.

Sense of Humor? A Pastor was delivering his children’s sermon. After the children gathered he asked them, “When I say “frog” what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?” Promptly a boy answered “God.” Amazed at the answer the pastor asked the boy, “Why did you think about God when I said, frog.? The boy replied, “Because I know that you didn’t bring us down here to talk about frogs.”

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