The Book of Revelation on a Napkin!

  1. Vernon McGee said this about the study of the Book of Revelation:This book is like a great union station where the great trunk lines of prophecy come in from other portions of Scripture. Revelation does not originate but consummates. It is imperative for one to have a right understanding of the book and be able to trace each great subject of prophecy from the first reference to the terminal.”

Next Friday we will begin our study of the Book of Revelation.  The Book of Revelation is a Prophetical and Blessed Book.  Revelation1:3 tells us that Revelation is the only book of the Bible that promises that if one reads and studies this book, he or she will be blessed.  Revelation is a Historical Book; Revelation is a Symbolic Book; Revelation is A Multi-Interpreted Book. Next Friday, January 20th at 9:00 a.m. we will begin the Study of the Book of Revelation.  In this 1st Session we will demonstrate “The Book of Revelation on a Napkin.” and we will talk about the “The Seven Beatitudes of the Book of Revelation.” We start at 9:00 a.m. and end at 9:45 a.m.

New Ministries for CFC!

When we moved into our new church facilities, we talked about expanding and starting new ministries.  One was a Hispanic Church and the other Recovery Ministry.  We hope to see in the next few weeks the start of the Recovery Ministry and the partnership with Iglesias Baptista Elohim.  Some of the fastest growing churches in the Southwest are the Hispanic Churches.  When this begins, while we have worship service, the Hispanic Church will be having Sunday School.  After we have Worship Service then they will have their Worship Service.  God will bless us as we will see people coming to Christ through their ministry.  The Recovery Ministry should be starting very soon.  Ken White will be leading us in this effort.  His Ministry is called “Grace Roots.” Ken already has 15 to 20 individuals that will attend the once-a-week two-hour meeting.  Ken is a graduate of Texas A&M, and his wife works for the Texas A&M Foundation.  Ken was on staff with Young Life for 25 years.  Our men met Ken at our last Breakfast Meeting.  George, Robbie, and I had a great meeting with Ken, his wife Shanna, and one of their leaders.  Our partnership with this ministry is that we will supply a room once a week for two hours.  I plan to be on the premises during the time of this meeting.  If you know someone that wants to get into a Biblical Based Recovery Program, then tell them about the one that will meet here at CFC.  The great thing about both of these ministries is that we don’t have to create or start them.  Both ministries are already going and growing.  Our appropriate Teams along with our Deacon Body will help us in working out the details for these great ministry efforts.


Pastor Charles

Upcoming Events

Jan 8th & 15th Finance Team will hand out 2023 proposed budget

Jan 22nd           Business Meeting/discuss 2023 proposed budget followed by Potluck

Jan 29th           Vote on 2023 proposed budget immediately after worship service

Jan 20th           Weekly Friday Bible Study at 9am starts back

Jan 21st            Men’s Breakfast at 8:00am

Jan 24th           Sisterhood of Joy Ladies’ Ministry Souper Joy Boost at 11:00am