As a Believer in Christ, you have a Ministry?

You might be asking, “Who, me?” Yes you.  Today we talk about your Spiritual Gifts.  You will hear about Mizell Rogers that I met in Dimmit, Texas 49 years ago.  God used this dear lady to keep the doors open in her little church.  She had several “Spiritual Gifts.”  Did you know that you also have several “Spiritual Gifts?” This morning in our service we will encourage you to discover and unwrap your Spiritual Gifts.  Cindy has created a great handout to help you discover your gifts.  Please pick up this tool and take it home and use it in discovering your Spiritual Gifts.  I also want you to share with you the following diagram & information:

SHAPE Test – Helping You Discover God’s Purpose in Life

  • Discovering Your Spiritual Gift/Unwrap Your Spiritual Gift:
  • S-piritual
  • H-eart
  • A-bilities
  • P-ersonality
  • E-xperience

Go to this website:

It will help you discover your Spiritual Gift.

It is always a Joy to serve the Lord with Gladness!  Pastor Charles

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