Let Us Do More in 2024!

Last week, we talked about how we can do more by discovering and using our Spiritual Gifts.  We talked about the Spiritual Gifts that we have received and the importance of knowing those gifts.  We can do so much more when we know what God has called us to do.  God has gifted all of us.

Today, we will be talking about the seriousness of believers to get out on the limb and try new ways to reach people.  When we get out on the Limb, Jesus will be out there with us.  Do not be afraid to be out on the limb, because that is where the fruit is.

Today, you will receive a printed copy of the proposed 2024 Budget.  On January 28th, we will vote on the 2024 budget by secret ballot.  Let us do more for the Lord in 2024.

Let us get out on the Limb with HIM!

Pastor Charles

From Finance Team & Personnel Team

Please remember to get a copy of the proposed 2024 budget.   Budget discussion on Jan 19th at 10am.

January 21st – Business Meeting
January 28th – Church vote on 2024 budget and Treasurer nominee, Deborah Klepac

Upcoming Events

Jan 17th – Prayer Meeting – 6pm

Jan 19th – Friday Bible Study – 9am

Jan 19th – Budget Discussion – 10am

Jan 21st – Business Meeting & Potluck – After morning service

Jan 24th – Prayer Meeting – 6pm

Jan 26th – Friday Bible Study – 9am

Jan 28th – Vote on Budget & Treasurer – After morning service

Jan 31st – Prayer Meeting – 6pm

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