Dear Country Fellowship Church Family…
There is one chapter in the book titled, THE 24 Hour Turn Around that really inspires me. The Chapter is titled, GREAT EXPECTATIONS. The chapter challenges us to grow ourselves by increasing the level of our belief. Here is their challenge: Take a pen and paper and write at least 10 statements starting with the words, “I believe I can…” For example, you might write, “I believe that I can memorize a new passage of the Bible.” The next step is to attempt to do what you think is possible.
Belief is the fuel that allows us to do something that we thought we would never accomplish. You just need to venture out. I am 69, but as I look at life I know that I have much more to accomplish. Years ago, I met this retired preacher named Walter Hayne. He was just a ball of fire. He was a retired traditional pastor who was living in Nocona, Texas. He said. “Charlie, (I don’t like to be called that, but I was nice about it.) I want to start a Texas Baptists Cowboy Church in Bowie, Texas.” You know he just amazed me with his power of believing. He started the church and 5 years later he retired again. The church he started averages over 300. Since that time Walter and his wife have taken a couple of mission trips.
People think when you get 65 years-old then you should take a lot of naps. Listen folks, you have so much experience and talent that you never need to toss it aside. You are still here on planet earth and so God is not through with you yet. “Keep Looking Ahead!” should be a personal philosophy for all of us. Keep developing scenarios with positive outcomes. It has been said, “It is perhaps insane to live with a dream, but it is madness to live without one.”
Robert Schuller used to say, “I would rather attempt to do something great and fail, than attempt to do nothing and succeed.” William Carey, the founder of the modern-day missionary movement said, “Attempt Great Things for God. Expect Great Things from God.”
See You this Sunday, with a Bible in your hand and love in your heart for Jesus!
Pastor Charles