Years ago, while pastoring the First Baptist Church of Portland, Texas, I served on the Board of the Fellowship of Coastal Bend Christian Athletes.  Each year, we would have an annual meeting to raise money and have guest speakers.  The first year FCA helped in an Evangelistic Crusade.  Bill Glass, former All-Pro Defensive End of the Clevland Browns was the Evangelist.  One evening Tom Landry, the former coach of the Dallas Cowboys shared his testimony.  One year we had “Mr. Cowboy” Bob Lily the All-Pro Defensive Player of the Dallas Cowboys.  Another year, we had the great Baylor Coach Grant Teaff.  One year we had Bobby Bowden who was the Florida State Seminoles’ former football coach.  At one time Bowden had coached the Seminoles to win the National Championship.  In today’s world we need more football coaches and players like the ones I have mentioned.  I read an article that had some of the prayers that Bobby Bowden would pray before and after the game.  I want to share one of them with you today.  “Dear Father, why have you put this group of men together.  These players, these coaches to reach a game that is the pinnacle of College Football?  We cannot ask you to win it for us.  You have both teams to be concerned about.  We merely pray that you will help our players to do their best, to give them wisdom, to protect them from injury.  Be with our coaches and give them the wisdom in the decisions that we must make.  And maybe if we can win, we can glorify you…”

Today College Football has “high paid” College Players and Coaches.  As we think of today’s College Football, we need to realize how far we have gone away from Coaches like Bobby Bowden.  Please continue to pray for our Country.  Prayers, Humility, and a Love for God are so needed.

Nancy & I took a few days off for a trip to Branson.  We will be back this evening.  I want to Thank Travis Bryann III for preaching for us today.  Travis has a great love for Christ and the Word of God.  I know that you will be blessed.

Blessings!  Pastor Charles