How are you doing on forgiving?

“Life is an adventure in forgiveness.”- Norman Cousins

Tad Lincoln was the young son of President Abraham Lincoln.  The night his dad was assassinated and murdered he slept under his dad’s desk.  It was said that he cried and said the following words, “If Pa had lived, he would have forgiven the man who shot him.  Pa forgave everybody.” When you forgive someone, it does more for you than the person that you have forgiven.  Jesus was like that, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:24)

Our 2024 Budget was approved with only two votes against it.  I want to thank Mike Wollard and the Finance Team for working so hard to prepare the 2024 budget.  We had two churchwide meetings to answer questions and share the reasoning for the various figures.  This year we will go back to the monthly information meetings like we did before we occupied our present building.  We will do this once a month on a Friday morning after Bible Study.  That meeting will always be the Friday morning after the monthly budget is handed out on Sunday.  CFC wants to keep you informed and answer your questions about the finances of this church.

This Friday, we will be Studying from James 4.  This month we will also be preaching from the Book of Jonah.  On the last Sunday of this month, we will have a guest singer, Donnie Barnett and a guest speaker, Glen Chmelar.

We will continue to pray, encourage, and comfort Etta Connell.  We will miss Bob.  He meant so much to all of us.  Today Bob is worshiping in Heaven.  We need to also pray for Angie Tussey whose mother died this past week.  Her mother’s name is Lorene Ticknor.

Victory on Jesus!  Pastor Charles

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It’s a great place to meet our neighbors, share local happenings, and more.  It’s free to join — simply open your phone’s camera and scan the code.

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