Is Revival Possible?

My thoughts today are on Revival!  People say why don’t we have revivals anymore. Revivals are not campaigns they are personal revivals. Revival is God pointing His finger at you. Revival must start with me.

On my walk this morning I gathered some thoughts on Revival:

  1. Revival is Personal
  2. Revival is Humility (humble yourself then seek My face and Pray)
  3. Revealing is healing relationships
  4. Revival is taking the scriptures Seriously
  5. Revival is appreciating the Body of Christ
  6. Revival Necessitates saying “no” to the self-life
  7. Revival demands spiritual leadership and teaching

After a morning walk, I wrote all those down when I got in my garage and prayed and cried out to God.

Yielding to God and being filled with the Holy Spirit is the answer.  I am thanking God for taking a walk with me.


P.S. How about that Asbury Revival!  Hallelujah!


Please welcome our newest member, Linda Ford !!!


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