Comments from Pastor Charles:

“Evangelism is Caught More than Taught” – Roy Fish

“He that wins souls is wise.” – Proverbs 11:30

Conversations that I am always thrilled to hear:

  • Pastor, I have a friend that does not know Jesus. Will you visit him or her?  Yes, I will.
  • Pastor, would you help teach me to lead someone to Christ?
  • Pastor, I have a friend or a family member that is unsaved. Will you pray that he or she will get saved?
  • Pastor, an amazing thing just happened. I shared the gospel with my friend, and she accepted Christ as her Savior.

I am burdened about several people to people to Christ.  Pray for me as a Pastor that I will be more involved in leading people to Christ.

“Lead Me to Some Soul Today
O Teach Me Lord Just What to Say
Friends of Mine Are Lost in Sin
And Cannot Find Their Way

Few There Are Who Seem to Care
And Few There Are Who Pray
Melt My Heart and Fill My Life
Give Me One Soul Today” – (Will Henry Houghton)

Pastor Charles 

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