The Gideon Bible Society’s History is written in the Book, “Witness to History.” One of the stories in the book is about a man whose life was saved physically and spiritually.  Here is the Story:

“A man went into a hotel in San Francisco, secured a room with the intention of committing suicide, and laid a vial of poison on the table while making preparations for the final act. When he stepped to the table, he discovered that accidentally he had put the vial upon a Gideon Bible. As he opened it, his eyes fell upon the reference: “If discouraged or in trouble, read Psalm 126 and John 14.” He read these two selections, threw the bottle of poison out of the window, knelt, and then and there gave his heart to God. He is today an active church member and a good citizen.”

Today, our guest speaker is from the Local Gideon Chapter.  In the short history of Country Fellowship this is the 4th time to have the Local Gideons to share with us about this outstanding ministry. We are also blessed that our own Bill Broome is a representative of the Local Chapter of the Gideons.

I hope you will join us this Friday as we have our 2nd of three sessions on the Book of Revelation Simplified, “Hardships on Earth but Hallelujahs in Heaven & for Eternity.” I have worked on simplifying the Book of Revelation in three 30-minute sessions. This last Friday we finished the 1st session.  This week we will look at the 2nd session as we look at Chapters 8-14.

Thanks for all who helped in our outreach this past week.

Blessings!  Pastor Charles


Please welcome our newest member, Linda Ford !!!


Upcoming Events

February 24 & March 3                Friday Bible Study                                                             9:00am

February 26                                     Birthday Celebration for Clara Lanham                      2:30pm

February 28                                     Outreach Team Churchwide Meeting                           6:00pm